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30 Minutes


Therapeutic and relaxing massage to help loosen tight and aching muscles, which is tailored to meet the clients individual needs. 


Includes massage of the back, shoulders and neck. Helps to improve circulation, reduce stress, decrease anxiety and depression. 


1½ Hours

Single Treatment £55.00 ~ Course of 3 £150.00

The Body Contour Wrap drains away toxins, breaking down fatty deposits and helps eliminate water retention. The Body Contour Wrap is an exclusive inch loss treatment using a unique blend of essential oils in an Aloe Vera gel. The Body Contour Wrap uses a combination of specialist bandaging techniques and Body Contour Gel to improve skin tone, texture and help reduce cellulite. A Full Body Brush is included before the wrap to boost circulation. The results mean you could drop a dress size! The treatment can be offered as a course or a single treatment for a special occasion, depending on your needs.

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